Kokopelli Preschool

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Preschool Program


Here at Kokopelli Preschool we are very committed to using the STEAM approach. 

It is important to note that STEAM is a Philosophy, it is not a program. The STEAM philosophy was created to incorporate science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics in the common classroom. The goal of using the STEAM philosophy is to help students have an engineering or design approach to solve real world problems while also building on their science and math base. By doing this children learn to think critically of not only situations at school but also on their own in everyday situations.

Kokopelli children are introduced to both spontaneous and planned learning experiences. In our spacious facilities we can accommodate both small and large group activities. Our teachers plan out each day according to the STEAM philosophy while also adding their own lessons and activities to expand on the day's topics.

Children work in smaller groups according to their age so that our teachers can be sure that each child is learning at his or her own pace. Our large group times include circle time, music and movement, outdoor play, and eating times. Our philosophy ensures that your child will develop into a confident student that knows how to make choices, ask questions, and enjoy learning.In addition to our curriculum we also follow the benchmarks for the state of Connecticut to ensure our students are ready to go into  Kindergarten with confidence. 


Check out some of the activities we have explored this school year! 

Five Senses  

What are the five senses?
We spent some time learning all about our five senses and conducted several science experiments to find the answers to these questions. 
What are taste buds? 
Can we see sound? 
Why do we use microscopes? 
What textures can we find in nature? 

Rainbow Xylphone 

Mixing colors and making music! 
Students made a water xylophone while exploring elements of color mixing.  We listened to the different sounds each water glass made and created music.

Every student was so engrossed in the experiment we took it a step further and started a new unit focused on water absorption. 


Discovering Classic Artists 
Every month we study a classic master. Last month we learned about Michelangelo and painted portraits of ourselves underneath the table. 

We had so much fun painting with a new perspective! 

I believe in giving students a chance to explore their creative side while challenging them to think outside the box. Kokopelli is a place where students can feel safe and confident in their leaning environment.Through our programs and philosophy I firmly believe we have the tools to help children grow into successful adults. 

Jackie Yannes - Owner & Director